Market Report

Monday July 14th 2005

  • Tomatoes prices have started to shoot up about and are going for over $20 per box .
  • Star fruit are now unavailable.
  • Cucumbers have come down slightly in price but are value for money with a bag of 15 selling for around $18.
  • Local Asparagus is now available at a very good price with plenty around at the moment.
  • Zucchinis have been steady for around $20 per box but expect the price to rise over the coming weeks.
  • Chinese Broccoli is available and come in 1kg bunches.
  • Squash and Yellow Zucchini has been seen cheap around the market this week for a fairly good price.
  • Round Beans quality is now back at its best with the prices of Round, Butter and Flats at very good value. Can be ordered by the kilo but for a cheaper alternative they also come in 10kg foam boxes.
  • Nectarines and Peaches are now around but are expensive and can be ordered if ordered by the tray.
  • Oranges and Lemons is now at good value and are recommended this week.
  • Eggplant can be cheap this week if seconds are ordered and the price is around $8 per box. But quality could be an issue with this special.
  • Red Capsicums are currently very expensive but a cheaper alternative can be advised, Mixed Colour Capsicums are currently a lot cheaper with the quality still being good, mainly red but mixed with the colour green.



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